Dates 2022-2023

Nov 27th:  
No Open Gym, Thanksgiving

Dec 25th: No Open Gym, Christmas

Dec 23rd-Jan 1st:  North Crest Closed
No classes or regular open gyms

Jan 1st:  
No Open Gym, New Years

Jan 8th:  No Open Gym, cancelled

March 5th:  
No Open Gym,
Showtime Showdown

April 9th:  
No Open Gym, Easter

April 16th:  
No Open Gym

May 14th:  
No Open Gym, Mother‘s Day

May 15th:  
Last Open Gym

Open Gym

Begins  Sept 18, 2022

Sunday 2:10pm-4:10pm
This open gym is recommened for kids walking and older who are looking to play around in a safe space. A great way for the whole family to get out and be together. Come and watch your kids explore and interact with all the equipment in the big gym. Not intended for practicing new gymnastics skills but having fun with the family. Children under 6 are not to be left unattended during Family Open Gym. 

Cost: $5.00 for walking through 5 years

$8 for members

$10 for non-members

Experienced Tumblers Open Gym 
Sunday 12:00-2:00pm
This open gym is recommended for kids ages 10 and older who are looking for space in the gym. This is for the adventurous kids who want to play around, bounce on the trampolines and practice tumbling. This open gym will have more space available and will allow for a safer environment to practice some of those bigger skills. 
Cost : $8 for members

$10 for non-members